BPA Free baby bottles – Best option for your baby

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BPA Free baby bottles – Best option for your baby

Many bottles are created out of the use of a harmful chemical named BPA (bisphenol A). This report explains why you need to not use and what BPA is. My wife and I Heard soon Lilly and Jack were born. Several BPA baby bottles had been purchased by a friend as a gift for the baby shower of Melanie. Having never heard of BPA we asked our friend what it was. She explained that BPA is a compound present in many products including most baby bottles. She went on to say levels of the chemical can leach into the milk of the baby when the bottles are heated.

Some information about BPA free baby bottles

children bpa free water bottles singapore,There have been Studies showing when heated that levels of BPA leach into baby bottles. In 2008 a group of investigators published a report titled Baby’s Toxic Bottle. The report said that all six leached what they believe levels of children bpa free water bottles singapore and those six brands of bottles were exposed to a heat test. The researchers cited the studies conducted on animals which prove BPA can damage the immune, neurological and reproductive systems through the development of a baby. They said BPA has been associated with many forms of cancer. By calling retailers as Wal-Mart and Babies R Us to provide products that were safer, the report concluded.

I learned that BPA is used in all kinds of goods, not baby bottles. It is used as food cubes, plastic containers and water bottles. BPA is one chemical were produced by the most. It is estimated, by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) that 95 percent of Americans have BPA in their own urine. Regrettably BPA can be passed to a nursing baby. Though the FDA is looking into the safety of BPA my spouse and I would never consider using anything but BPA baby bottles. We do not use and have taken it a step further. We drink from plastic water bottles or store food in plastic containers.

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