Kitchen Countertop Material Selection Tips You Want to Know Before Purchase

Kitchen Countertop Material Selection Tips You Want to Know Before Purchase


Marble includes lovely and unique veins that make it very popular in home decoration. Marble has a large choice of colors so it is easy to match with the atmosphere. But if you look to the marble surface, then you will find. Oil is a place and or dirt often permeates the crackle which is tough to eliminate. So we suggest do not install marble in the alkali and acid environment like kitchen.


Granite includes hardness and high density, wear-resistant and acid/alkali resistant, so it is the perfect material for work shirts or kitchen counter tops. Chemicals or dirt are hard to penetrate granite because of property and the density. However, the granite has length limitation in fabrication; therefore it is not feasible to produce a kitchen countertop. Chemical or the dirt can penetrate the seams where bacteria may produce, if the seams are not handled correctly. So we suggest employing employees to install the work or countertop top.

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel kitchen countertops have a stylish and modern look. The surface is clean-looking and quite bright. There is absolutely not any location on a countertop therefore it is. The drawback is the scrape cannot be restored and that the surface of the steel is easy to scratch. So when cleaning a stainless steel countertop, we will need to listen.

Wood Countertops


Some individuals likeĀ blaty drewniane since they have feel and are natural. Wood countertops are DIY friendly and light weight, so people like to do it themselves. But the wood surface is not acid/alkali resistant and not wear-resistant. The seams between each piece are hard to control and if water gets in the wood, it is going to get mold and be straightened. So it is not as durable in use.

Ceramic tile:

Ceramic tile is a kind of material, so veins, the color and patterns could be made identical. The tile is light and quite thin weight comparing to stone tile, so we do not have to strengthen the base. The tile is also and durable in use economical. But it is not difficult to broken placing stuff or when struck. And the seams between each tile are tough to clean.

Artificial stone:

Stone is now a replacement for natural rock in the last several decades and is made based on natural stone’s property. It is natural stone’s land. Artificial stone’s veins and color are more plentiful than stone. The stone countertops can be made seamless, so it is easy to clean. The disadvantage is that it is man-made. Some people do not like products that are artificial, they like something. It is the perfect material for kitchen countertops if you do not care about it is not.

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