What are the material types of labels and stickers?

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What are the material types of labels and stickers?

The label and the sticker are sticking materials which are used to denote the brand or company of the product. Both of these have adhesive applied at the back of the sticker. These are made up of removal papers in different colors and designs. Well, stickers do not necessarily provide any information as these are also used as a medium of decoration while the labels are used to identify the product.

Types of label stickers

There are a number of label stickers are available in the market. You can buy them according to your need. These label stickers consist of various types according to its need.

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Material types

Even the material types have some category of the labels. These types consist of the label sticker printing. According to the use, it is categorized to some key types:

  • Cast gloss paper: Cast gloss paper have an extra coating on the paper which makes it look shiny and mirror-like image of the This coating gives the paper a premium look.
  • Machine coat paper: This is a good purpose paper across multiple This does not have a shine like the coat gloss paper. This paper is used where extra moisture resistance coat glass is not used.
  • Uncoated paper: It is a paper-based material sticker which does not have a smooth surface to have a glossy look but provides a vintage premium look to the unfinished product.
  • Synthetic material: It is based on the white film This sticker is chemical resistant. Use of bright colors provides the excellent look to the product.

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