The physical delivery and representation have been replaced by launching the e-cheque since the year 2015. The credit transfer activities can be circulated easily by enhancing the credit transfer activities of the company. The e-cheque transactions are able to have a more convenient platform with the e-wallet applications which are developed by LSCM. The traditionally centralized ledger is used in most of the e-wallet applications. The blockchain technology is utilized in the E-Cheque wallet Hong Kong in order to provide a reliable and safe system and avoid the counterfeit and replicated cheques. The corporate confidence is strengthened on the e-cheque. The Geneva international exhibition of inventions has offered the silver medal for the e-cheque wallet application.

E-Cheque wallet

Facilitate the adoption of technologies:

The commercialization of the insiders is done with the ready-to-market technologies in a rich portfolio. You can select the solutions as per your needs based on the various categories. There are three leading universities located in central Hong Kong. The Supply Chain hong kong technologies and the core competencies in logistics are developed to foster the LSCM’s mission. The industries will facilitate the adoption of these technologies in Hong Kong. The concerted effort can be realized by the establishment of the centre. The core technological competencies are developed in order to initiate and conduct the R&D activities. The market intelligence services are available to provide the consulting. The technology transfer and business matching are required to provide a platform.