Buy the best and safest pork

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Buy the best and safest pork

People have different opinion when it comes to eating pork. Their concerns are mainly attributed to safety of the pork and quality of the product. But when it comes to holland pork it is one of the safest pork all around the world. As Holland comes under the European Union whose laws regarding the food safety is one of the toughest all around the word, no one need to worry about the food safety.

Quality of the product produced

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Dutch pork industry has long history of producing quality and tasty pork. They have on average slaughters 15 million pigs every year and produce 1.5 million tons of pork every year. Since they are bounded by the European Union laws, they follow the guidelines for safety and quality without even 1% deviation. They use the latest equipments and technologies to follow the hygiene. Since they have latest technology they can cater to wide range of market around the world. They offer food safety, no residue, from farm to table option and sanitary equipment to keep the factory clean and neat, high standard animal safety and welfare besides having welfare program for pigs.

   European Union uses full traceability which means any food can be traced from farm to table. This is to ensure the customers receive protection in the event of any unwanted incident and provide risk coverage. Due to the full traceability any sub standard food can be traced and recalled from market and can be removed from the cycle altogether.

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